New Home! 02/07/2010
Hello and welcome! I hope that our new webpage is helpful and enjoyable! Just to let everyone know, we do NOT offer pony rides as a "business", most of our ponies/horses are rescued animals. With the current economical downfall, we try to prevent many ponies/horses from ending up at auctions and in "killer pens". So we offer pony rides to cover the boarding, feed, hay, farrier, dental and blacksmith costs. We rarely ever pocket any of the money that we bring in from parties/events.

Just incase most of you don't know, our previous home was a complete nightmare. Not only was there no shelter for field board, our animals picked up worms and ringworm. Our personal items were being vandalized and our animals health and well-being were being threatened. So we've moved into a wonderful facility with stalls, run in sheds, automatic waterers and a stone dust riding ring with lights! We now have the fancy thrills, without the price tag and drama at most other facilities!!! We just felt that with no shelter and being exposed to the worms/ringworm, that our animals needed a better place to live, and that's exactly what they got! Check out our photos in the photo album (previous farm and current farm).
First Post! 12/16/2009
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