How To Book A Party!

You can book a party, one of two ways!!!

* Over The Phone:  You can book a party over the phone by calling (610) 636-3492. We are very busy, caring for the animals or tending to the children, so if you cannot get through to the cell phone, please try to book through email!

* Through Email:  The easiest way to book a party through us is  by email. You can email or although its much easier if you put both email addresses in the headline and send it to both.

Make sure to include the following in your email:
*Your full name, address of the party/event, phone number
* Total amount of children that are planning to attend
* Your first and second date of choice for the party/event and time slot
* Ages and weight of the smallest and heaviest child

With you providing the above information, we can get back to you promptly with availability and pricing.