Pony Ride Contract

Service Contract/Invoice

Event Date: ____________                   Time Of Service: ____________________
Type Of Event: ________________________________________________

Customer Name: __________________________        Phone: _____________
Customer Address: ______________________________________________
Contact Person The Day Of The Event: ________________________________
Event Location: ________________________________________________
Number Of Guests: _____________            Guest Of Honor: _________________
Age: ______________                    Boy Or Girl: _____________________
Directions: ____________________________________________________

Special Instructions: ______________________________________________
Number Of Ponies: __________         Number Of Hours: _____________
Total Pony Price: ___________         Travel Fee: ______________

The area we need should be flat and free of poisonous plants and harmful insecticides.
Is the area grass, dirt or pavement? __________________________________
Is there shade? ____________________________
Is water available? _________________________ _
Are there obstacles (stairs, gates, etc)? __________________________

Eusden's Pony Rides agrees to provide the services as described above- we will arrive at your event early with clean, well groomed ponies to ensure that you get the full amount of time that was booked!

Any deposits made are NON-REFUNDABLE! You may reschedule with a different date, if available.

Under Pennsylvania law, Code PA ST 4 P.S. § 601-606 Chapter 13, an equine activity sponsor or professional shall not be liable for any injury to, or the death of a participant or equine in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities. Eusden's Pony Rides cannot be held responsible for injury or damages. By hiring us you agree to these conditions.