Our pricing is based on the party or event. Please look over our pricing and if there are any questions please feel free to call or email us and we'd be happy to help you plan the perfect party or event!

Birthday Parties/Block Parties:
$175-  1.5 hours for one pony. $50 to add on an extra pony.

Church/School Functions:
$375-  2 hours of pony rides. 2 ponies included. Each extra pony $100. * Please see note below.

 Larger Events:
$450- 4 hours of pony rides. 4 ponies included. Each extra pony $100. * Please see note below.

* Note-
 2 ponies can accomodate under 50 children
3 ponies can accomodate under 75 children
4 ponies can accomodate under 100 children
We recommend this to ensure that every child can have numerous rides and to also give our ponies breaks so that we can keep the line moving!